A Guide to Over Center Toggle Latches

Latches and catches are designed for the temporary application of force between two units. These parts are found in many industries and can often be found on products such as, chests, cabinets, tool boxes, lids, drawers, doors, electrical boxes, HVAC enclosures, amongst many more. For added security, some models feature the ability to add a locking device.

Features & Benefits

These latches are available in a wide range of wire bail options, including straight bails for maximum strength, and curved bails that flex to compensate for variation in mounting or gasket set.

  • Over-center mechanism allows secure co-planar latching
  • Flat and curved wire link styles for maximum strength and shock resistance
  • Concealed mounting styles provide a clean surface appearance

What Is A Toggle Latch

Commonly known as a type of mechanical fastener, toggle latches join two or more objects and allow regular separation. They typically engage another piece of hardware on another mounting surface. Depending on their design and type, the hardware may be known as a strike or catch.

It is a mechanical piece of hardware which in the locked position ensures secure fastening of two surfaces, panels or objects and when unlocked allows separation. The main components are the base plate with lever and attached loop and the other being the catch plate. The tension is created once the loop is hooked onto the catch plate and the lever is clamped down. Tension is released when the handle is pulled up to the vertical position.


How Toggle Latches Work
The toggle latch operating principle is a calibrated system of levers and pivots. Toggle action has an over center lock point; once it reaches over center position latch is securely locked in place. It cannot be moved or unlocked unless a certain amount of force is used to pull the handle and get over the cam. The unlocking process is simple due to the leverage provided by the handle. The amount of power needed to unlock the latch can be changed by adjusting the screw loop length.


Maximum Load Values
Toggle latches have various benefits to offer. Full benefit use of the product and working safe with the maximum load values should be considered. Each product was developed for a certain maximum load and values are specified within every product description. It is important to observe the strength values in order to not exceed any maximum tensile strength values.

Material & Finish
It is important to consider the material and surface finish even before you choose the product’s design. Depending on the application environment where it will be used and stress it will receive once installed, you should consider the various types of steel.

  • Steel Zinc Plated
  • T304 Stainless Steel

Post time: Jan-06-2022