truck door lock Van trailer locking gear

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Material: Metal steel/SUS304

Feature: With lockable recessed handle latch

Finish: zinc blue plated/polished

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Name  truck door lock Van trailer locking gear
Size Customized according to drawings
Material 304 and 316 stainless steel, carbon steel
Processing range Thickness 0.2mm-4mm, length 1mm-2400mm, accurate inner and outer diameter tolerance of 0.05MM, surface finish 0.8-0.4
Application Refrigerated car, iron car, container, tool box, pickup car, trailer car, mechanical car
Service Provide one-stop service for your project, providing 304 or 316, carbon steel, aluminum, etc., sheet or bar from material to semi-finished product finishing, surface treatment, assembly finished product, etc.
Design Design and refine to meet your personal needs.
Quality which guarantees that each batch of products meets ISO quality standards, and provides inspection reports for each batch of products.
Payment Multiple payment options make payment easier.
Customer service 24 hours on standby, urgently listen to all your suggestions or requirements, and quickly feedback, order samples as fast as 24 hours, and deliver goods in 3-7 days (except holidays)

About this item

Application of industry: The luggage industry ,furniture industry, electrical and electronics industry, hardware industry,aerospace industry, medical industry.

Quality:high quality steel or SUS304 ,coated with color zinc or polished,looks shiny and not easy to rust.

Storage:please keep it in the cool and dry place away from the corrosive place.

Package:Plastic bag and carton.

Installation mode:According to the actual dimensions of the product,and then use of rivets, screws, welding fixed.

Based on theCam Action Door Lock Kit installation dimensions measurement positioning,the positioning is complete norms do industry

How to install:On your trailer, You can permanently mounted the cam lock hasps on the door frame first. Then cut the pipe to length (considering the cam locks in place).  Actually drilled and pinned the cam locks in the pipe and put the assembly in place with the door tightly closed (I used vice grips to close the cams into the hasps securely). Then I installed the handle retaining plate on the door. Then (and only then) I put the handle in position on the pipe with the handle in the locked position in the handle retaining plate on the door and tack welded it in place. Once that was done, I disassembled the bar assembly and welded the handle and cams in place on the work bench. Then I completed my assembly.

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